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9/26/2017 Kate Clark

Amazing!  Thank you Baby Scan Studio, Marlow!  I had a bad experience in my last attempt of pregnancy which meant this time early scans were paramount to ensure all was well with my developing baby, the NHS couldn't offer me an earlier scan than the standard 12 week one understandly so I decided to seek a private clinic for reassurance.  I went to the Baby Scan Studio at just 6 weeks and I was simply amazed by their expertise and quality of equipment and I could see my tiny baby's heartbeat as clear as day on the screen! The team of Sonographers are a wonderful with great knowledge and years of experience.  I have had a total of 6 scans to date and all of the staff were excellent and you also have time in the session to ask any questions you may have.  I also found first point of contact over the phone really helpful.  I also chose to have the Harmony Test at this clinic and results were really fast so I would thoroughly recommend their service with that. I have recommended this clinic to all my friends who are expecting currently, it is a wonderful place to go and it means you don't have to wait 12 weeks to see your baby for the first time and that all is progressing well.  Thank you to everyone at this clinic for reassuring me and the great and gentle scans I have had with you.  I am now 28 weeks so may have a chance to pop in once more before my baby arrives! :-)  

9/1/2017 9 Charlie

Has my scan at Ipswich last night, was done by Sarah, was lovely place and Saff made you feel a lot better as I was so nervous! Got to see a heart beat 


3/22/2017 Rachel

My husband and I visited the baby scan studio for a dating scan and for reassurance, after 2 years of trying for our first baby. Cathy was very warm and friendly and put a very nervous me at ease. I would recommend the baby scan studio to any mummies-to-be for a professional, friendly service. Very impressed and will be coming back for a 4D scan when I am further along. Thank you so much.

3/8/2017 9 Karolina

This clinic was recommended to me by a friend. I had the best experience with both ladies in the clinic. Melissa who did the scan answered any questions me and hubby had and was so thorough and was pointing things out to us. When she told us that we are having a girl she was excited with us and I was so happy that we went there to find out the gender. Thank you so much ladies! Will be definitely coming back! 

1/16/2017 Steph Green

I felt compelled to write some feedback thanks to the great service provided today by Cathy. I have visited the Baby Scan clinic several times previously but today attended for a Reassurance scan having experienced some worrying symptoms over the weekend. We were able to make the appointment at extremely short notice. The service has always been fantastic but I just wanted to say a special thank you for the extra special service provided by Cathy today when I was so anxious. Cathy was extremely friendly, reassuring and went into great detail during the scan. The service received today was above and beyond what I had expected. I highly recommend the Baby Scan studio to any expectant mums!

12/29/2016 Jennifer Nicoll

We had an early pregnancy scan last night following a scare. Catherine was really friendly and made us feel immediately at ease. Luckily we had good news but the professionalism mixed with a really personal approach was so reassuring for us. Thank you so much. Would recommend this service to any expectant mothers at any stage of pregnancy 

12/20/2016 Tess

From the moment we stepped into the clinic, we were made to feel welcome and at ease considering we had our little boys with us. The service was simply brilliant, the staffshould were warm, welcoming and professional. Getting to see our lil bundle was great. Plus I must mention the warm gel - pleasant surprise :-)

Thank you 

8/16/2016 Gemma

i have been twice to the Colchester one and once to the Chelmsford and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. The staff are welcoming and friendly. The sonographers are absolutely brilliant and take time and care with you, they answer all questions throughly and check anything your unsure of. I would definitely return in the future and have already passed on my recommendation to lots of other people. I'm so glad I found this place :)

7/25/2016 Miss Bennett

I have been to the Marlow clinic twice through my pregnancy once for a reassurance scan at 15 week 5 days and again for a 4D scan at 32 weeks. Both time's I had Cathy scan me and it was an amazing experience. She was so lovely and very reassuring with the scan and talked to myself and my partner the whole way through to let us know what we were looking at. With our 4D scan baby was being a little difficult but still managed to get amazing photos. Will always recommend to any one wanting a private scan. 

7/4/2016 1 Cathy Stewart - Clinical Director

Hi Michaela, I find your comments very surprising, upsetting and frankly not believable. You called the clinic twice on the morning of your appointment, asking to move your appointment to a later slot - the list was fully booked so we couldn't do that. The receptionist asked if you wanted to change to another day but you said you would still attend. She confirmed to you at that call that your deposit was non-refundable if you didn't arrive for your appointment. We received no further calls from you before your 7pm appointment in either the afternoon or evening. You then called the folowing day asking for a refund of your deposit. No mention of traffic jams etc. Unless you have a crystal ball, I'm not sure you would have known about the 'traffic jam' in the evening! It's very upsetting to receive this type of complaint when my staff work so very hard to help patients.

6/24/2016 Michaela

I went to the marlow studio in 2014 and rebooked to come back for my second pregnancy ,which hasn't been the easiest pregnancy and had a lot of bad news and down times .. I was looking forward to see my little girl for months after booking this appointment the day finally came and unfortunately there was a crash on the m40 with traffic taking over 2 and half hours to get the marlow studio.. I was very upset due to being really excited to see our little one especially after such a awful time we have had.. I called the receptionist who was incredibly rude and couldn't care less that I couldn't  get there and was told they are keeping my deposit and if I wanted to rebook id have to pay deposit again..  Such rude manors and inconsiderate for the fact I couldn't help the fact of the car crash and not being able to get there .. Won't ever use them again

3/19/2016 Rob and Katherine

We had the Harmony test done in Marlowe. The staff were very professional and friendly. They discussed the matter in a reassuring way, talking us through the process. The results were processed and back with us very quickly. The cost was lower than many other clinics we had looked at nationally for the same test. They were very good with our three year old son who was laos with us at the time.

12/19/2015 Samantha

We had a gender scan at the Marlow studio and couldn't have asked for a better experience. Sonographer was lovely and very skilled. The detail was unbelievable. We purchased a heartbeat bear in pink or blue and are looking forward to unwrapping it on Christmas morning to find out the sex of our baby :-) the staff were more than happy to secretly box this up for us. Highly recommend their services and I'm so pleased we did this. Thank you.

9/19/2015 Angela

We had a gender scan at the Colchester clinic on 19th August, as the baby didn't want us to see whether it was a boy or girl at the NHS scan. The receptionist and sonographer were both lovely. The atmosphere was very relaxed. We found out straight away that we're having a little girl and got some lovely clear pictures.

9/10/2015 Kim

I had a 4d scan on 09/09/15 at the Colchester branch. It's was lovely the staff are very friendly and helpful, which makes the whole experience from start to finish brilliant! I will be recommending you to any of my pregnant friends. We got some beautiful images of our baby. Thank you so much!!

9/6/2015 7 Helen

Wonderful experience. Had Harmony bloods taken and scan to confirm viable foetus. Clinic accommodated me at short notice prior to holiday. Sonographer Cathy was fantastic very thorough and reassuring despite staying late along with colleague to accommodate me. Everyone at the clinic very friendly. Blood results emailed as promised 2 weeks later with personslised comment. Cannot recommend this clinic enough. 

9/1/2015 1 Rachel

After a 'high risk' result from the NHS Down's syndrome screening, I contacted the babyscan studio to enquire about non-invasive testing. Everyone was extremely helpful and understanding and I was able to have the 'harmony test' carried out the next day. Thank you all for being so reassuring and patient throughout the process. I would definitely recommend.

8/13/2015 Carly

We have just returned from our 4d scan at the  Colchester studio. It was such a lovely experience! The staff are kind and helpful. We decided to buy a colour print and cd of all the pictures taken. Its expensive but in my opinion well worth it as the memories are priceless.

2/17/2015 Dr Rebecca Coward

Just wanted to thank the staff for being absolutely lovely during my visit Jan 13th 2015 at the Chelmsford branch. I went in for an early scan (at 9 weeks) and left knowing that I was carrying two healthy twins! Quite a shock. The ladies were helpful, patient and very knowledgable. I felt that my appointment was worth every penny and my husband absolutely loved the DVD they provided. I will definitely be using them again for a check up scan at about 16 weeks.

9/16/2014 Annie

We had a 4D scan done today in Chelmsford. I'm 32+3 and was warned that we might not get a good scan, after a good jumping up and down session we went on to have the most amazing scan ever. I'd recommend it to anyone who's pregnant. If I wasn't so far gone is of booked another one there and then for Deffo :)

9/12/2014 Nicole Bicar

My partner and I went for a reassurance scan on the 11/09/14 at Marlow clinic as I was around 12 weeks and was yet to see a midwife (registration issues). The woman who performed the scan, Cathy I believe her name was, she was brilliant. We called to say we'd be half an hour late as we were coming from a long way away and she was perfectly happy to wait for us. The clinic had a birlliant atmosphere and she made us feel very comfortable. Turned out I was in fact 14 weeks and two days and she was already able to tell the gender of the baby (98% sure). The DVD was included which was brilliant and we got fantastic pictures of the baby. Overall it was an amazing experience. I would happily reccommend to anyone.

9/7/2014 1 Sarah

I had my 4d basic package done yesterday (6th September) at the Chelmsford clinic and I have to say it is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced! Staff we're so lovely and sonograper was so friendly and patient. Got to take lots of family members in with me, which was lovely for them, and overall was in there for around 45 mins. To begin with baby didn't want to turn to face us so we were only getting side on views. We then tried moving and in the end went for a quick 10 min walk and a fizzy drink to liven him up! Sure enough as soon as we went back in, he was exactly where he needed to be and we got some incredible pictures, and so many of them! Partner and I have said we would go back every week if we could, and I would certainly recommend this clinic to every body, such an unbelievable experience. We also got the DVD, which is lovely to have as well as the pictures as you can see him moving! Thank you for such a great experience Chelmsford studio.

8/26/2014 Daniela testagrossa

I had a 4d baby scan and paid £145 a couple of weeks ago this is

my second one I've had as I had one with my daughter 3 years ago as well so I can compare the two. The scan was good and the photos were good but I was very disappointed with the 10 minute DVD recording. It says in the package that you get 10 minutes of 4d scan which you don't. I watched the DVD when I got home and was very upset as alot of the DVD was in 2d and they filmed them taking measurements and then it brings the writing up of all the measurements which I already have printed off. Also there is no music in the back ground which is very boring and quite while watching the DVD. The 5 minutes I properly got wasn't all 4d of the baby moving it was still images of the photos she was taking. All in all I don't think it was worn the money it cost and now I do not have a keep sake DVD that I wanted for my baby to watch when they was older. Compared to the scan I had it my daughter get DVD was brilliant. I am very upset and would definitely not reconnect this place. 

6/28/2014 Danielle white

I had a scan on June 7th. I went for the 4d bonding packing with an extra cd of images and heart beat bear. I am disappointed with my scan, my baby wouldn't move and I felt rushed. Wasn't offered a rescan got some images but they are all same and most blurred. I didn't bond at all as I spent most of the time moving from one side to the other to try and get my baby to move. Appointment lasted about 25 minutes and the sonographer went out for 5 of those. I have sent my comments and haven't even received an apology. Such as shame as my last baby scan was brill and kathy was amazing. She was the sonographer this time and it's a shame her staff let her down. 

6/17/2014 Emma

I had a 4D and reassurance scan last weekend at Chelmsford. The staff were amazing, the studio is lovely and I was able to take a lot of my family into the scan studio to watch, which was great as many places do not allow this. The scan pictures were great quality and the value for money is great. I will definately recommend this studio to others and I am already going to book in another scan for later in my pregnancy.

Thank you for a great experience.

6/11/2014 Kelly Barrett - baby choat

I had my 4d scan yesterday at the Chelmsford clinic and I have to say it was the most incredible experience ever...watching how your unborn child pulls faces and moves around is something you can never forget. I wish I had done this with my 1st child. The thing that made it even nicer was the sonographer couldn't have made me feel more relaxed.. She really was a lovely person... Highly recommend to anyone 

5/24/2014 Caeri Mollart

Me and my partner went to the Marlow Clinic to have the 4d gold package on the 10/05/14 we was so impressed by the studio it was spacious and light and overall a really relaxing environment, the scan room was really relaxing and made the bonding with the baby really special. Unfortunately we couldn't get baba to move so we couldn't get any decent pictures but we was offered re-scan so we went back on the 21/05/14. We was so amazed by how clear we could see our little boy and so impressed by the pictures, key rings, heart beat teddy and the video's we got. All the staff were amazing they was so polite and really made us feel welcome. I would recommend this clinic to all my freinds and family and I will be coming back in the future. Thank you all so much! 

5/22/2014 Kirstie K

Me and my partner had the 4D bonding scan yesterday, the experience was amazing and all the staff made us feel relaxed and very welcome, we would reccomend this place to anyone who was intrested in a 4d scan.

many thanks

5/22/2014 Ally

We had a 4D scan with the Baby Scan Studio in Marlow twice: once with our first daughter born in May 2013, and a few weeks ago to see our second baby girl due in July 2014. I really loved the experience and quality of the service the first time around, and I wanted my second born to have her own 4D pictures and recording in her baby record book as well. They didn't disappoint this second time around, and again, we are extremely happy with the products and service. Thank you, we have recommended you to our friends and family and we are over the moon once again with the results. 

5/21/2014 Becky

I had a 4D scan in Colchester today and both the ladies were brilliant, very friendly and helpful! Couldn't have asked for a better experience tonight, would deffinatly recommend them to anybody. 

Thank you both very much for an amazing experience! 

5/15/2014 Donna

We had a 4d scan at Marlow clinic we was so impressed, the staff made you feel welcome, was really happy with the DVD and pictures and  heartbeat teddybear so worth the money.I Definatly be going back for future pregnancies.

Thank You so much 

5/8/2014 8 Leigh

What a fantastic experience we had today at the Marlow Clinic!  From the moment we walked in to the moment we left, we felt welcome and at ease.  My husband and I took our 6 year-old-twins to see their 28 week baby sister, and they too were made to feel involved.  Despite our littlest one being quite shy to begin with (both hands over her face!), Celia the sonographer moved me around until baby moved as well, and we were treated to some amazing pictures!  The colour pictures, in particular, are well worth paying extra for, as they really do add another dimension to the whole concept of scan pictures.  You won't regret it!  As an IVF mummy, I'm naturally anxious about all aspects of my pregnancy, but the scan today has hugely reassured me that my baby is well, healthy, on track size-wise, and absolutely gorgeous!  THANK YOU!

30/04/2014 Kerry & Kev

We came for the £195 gold package today  30/04/14 and I must add it was the most amazing experience ever, the room was large big enough to for a few people in comfortably I had my partner, mum and brother with me, we were all amazed by the experience, Cathy was amazing for us! Our baby is always very cheeky and stubborn during scans! It never wants to show it's face, but Cathy managed to get some of the most amazing face shots of our baby :-) she took her time to make sure she got such wonderful pictures and she had so much patience, I was in there for a while but there was no way cathy was giving up regardless to our time slot! It was so nice not feeling rushed and knowing how hard she tried to get us perfect images :-) we had 28 pictures of our baby, and we also have a longer DVD! Due to baby being stubborn and cheeky and keeping in hiding! It's amazing how much of their character you can see just by watching them! Cathy had us all laughing as baby really was being cheeky! Couldn't have asked for a better scan! We are all very impressed! It was perfect and I will be going again if/when I have another baby! I will also be recommending the baby scan studio to everyone! Very glad I chose to come here for our scan :-) 

14/04/2014 Louise

Me and my partner Luke came for an early pregnancy scan at the Colchester clinic after being very disapointed with our first scan witht he NHS as the guy told me the the wrong beats per minute and told me NOT to have my blood tests done. I come here to get a better understanding of how far gone i was etc and wow, what an amazing experience. Luke and i both walked out godsmacked with how amazing it was. It turns out i was a week further gone than what the NHS ultrasound technitian told us. We got to see the baby punchin, Kicking and wiggling around. I am just about to book our gender scan for 17 weeks. We are super excited to come back!!

09/04/2014 Hannah & Adam

We had a scan at the chelmsford clinic yesterday as we were concerned after I had some bleeding and the NHS hospital treated us badly.  I felt extremely comfortable and all my questions where answered confidently.  At the NHS scan i was told they couldn't see anything however the baby scan studio could see my baby and the heartbeat :-) I am only 6weeks and this scan was so worth paying for I would highly recommend. The Ladies are lovely. Thank you

12/03/2014 sophie

All these comments look lovely I have a 3D scan in April am very excited xxx

08/03/2014 Terry & Ali

Just had our scan today, the pictures supassed our expectations which were high. Very welcoming place to visit nice staff. Highly recommended !.

04/03/2014 Jasmine and Sean

I Had a scan at chelsmford on the 3rd of March so only last night, it was the most amazing experience, the room was made to relax and felt so comfortable in their, the lady was lovely! Better then the hospital scan by 100% got to know I'm having a little boy and would recommend this to anyone definetly worth the money!! Thank you!

01/03/2014 Leanne And Louie

We visited the Colchester Clinic for our 4D scan of our first baby. We're having a boy, and may i add it was the most breath taking experience we've ever experienced. The Sonographer was absolutely amazing, and we got some perfect pictures she even wants to get one of him and put it on the site. Would highly recommend, thank you so much 'The Baby Scan Studio'

15/02/2014 Kelly and Craig

We went for our 4D scan on thursday 13th Feb. Our little girl was so active all day until we got to the studio in colchester. The receptionist was very welcoming and the synogropher was amazing! Baby was hiding and we tried everything to get her to move but she just wasn't having any of it unfortunately. The synogropher was very patient but after the last attempt, we have to have a re-scan. Can't wait to see our little girl again! Highly recommended for any parents-to-be x

12/02/2014 Natasha and Andrew

We had our 4d bonding scan today at Chelmsford and could not be happier or more impressed. Although we arrived 30mins early we were made to feel welcome and encouraged to relax, whilst taking about our pregnancy. They answered any questions we had and were more then happy for us to take our time when it come to chiding photos we wanted printed. Overall a beautiful bonding experience we will never forget made all the better by the staff.

we couldn't recommend it more x

23/01/2014 Josie & Nicholas

We had our '4D Bonding package' this evening at the Colchester Clinic and I was amazed at how perfect the images were. The staff were very welcoming and made us feel welcome. And we purchased a little teddy bear which contains a recording of our little boys heartbeat, very happy overall with the appointment and worth every penny. Will be coming back for future pregnancies. Only downside to this was finding the place, was very well hidden away.

17/12/2013 Gemma and Marcus

We had our 4d scan back in June and I still can't stop looking at the photos!! It was our 3rd bump and our first 4d scan experience. We were strict with ourselves and resisited finding out the sex ~ We had a bouncing baby girl :-) ~ but the whole experience was just amazing!! The sonograopher was lovely, got us some excellent pictures and I highly recommend getting a heartbeat bear. 

I only wish we'd done this with our first 2 bumps too! 

19/11/2013 Emma

I booked a gender scan in Marlow, the sonographer was absolutely lovely!

The whole experience helped me to bond with my new baby, and they seem to really enjoy what they are doing and nothing was too much trouble!

I would definitely recommend, you got a lot of lovely pictures included in the price and I even got to have a look at the baby in 4d.

 Very pleased.

02/08/2013 abbie-rose lana-may's mummy-x

I booked in for my scan at the chelmsford clinic & it was the best decision I ever made, the staff were really welcoming and friendly, the facility was beautiful & amazing & the pictures were so clear!

Most amazing experience of my whole life & anyone wishing to have a 3D/4D scan- I would definitely recommend you come here!

Abbie-rose xxxxx

31/07/2013 Racheal Olley

30/07/2013 Charlotte

We went to the baby scan studio in Marlow, myself my partner and my daughter had an amazing experience, the staff were friendly and it was such a relaxing experience well worth the money and there is no doubt in my mind ill be going there again!! Highly recommend the studio to everyone.. Can't stop smiling!! 

01/07/2013 S B

I went to the Oxford clinic today for an early pregnancy scan. It was one of the best scans/experiences ever. The staff were lovely and cathy was amazing. The attention to detail was incredible. Cathy explained everything in so much detail, she was so friendly and very professional. I have no doubts that we will definitely be booking again in the future. 

28/06/2013 Alexandra

We had our Dating Scan done by Cathy yesterday and it was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. The environment is so warm and calm, a day i will never forget.

22/06/2013 Keryna and Paul

We had our 4d scan at the Colchester clinic this morning and were thoroughly impressed by the service. 

We got to see some wonderful images of our extremely gymnastic little boy and couldn't be more thrilled. Half an hour flew by we enjoyed it so much. 

The staff were so friendly and made us feel so welcome and were so informative the whole time. We will definitely be coming back with future pregnancies!

Thank you for a really special experience. 

31/05/2013 Karen

Had our Early Pregnancy scan today at the Oxford Baby studio. It was worth every penny! Very professional, nice surroundings and having such a huge TV to watch baby on made the experiance wonderful. Would recommend to anyone thinking of doing it.

Thank you

22/05/2013 Chris & Laura

We went to the clinic in Chelmsford on the 21st May and couldn't recommend it enough, the baby was in an awkward position and the staff were so patient and eager to get us the best pictures possible allowing us to go for a walk in between other appointments to try and move baby. Everything was explained in detail and was an amazing experience. So happy that we got the opportunity to have the 4d scan 

12/05/2013 Dawn and Victor Aganoke

We visited the Babyscan studio in Colchester on Thursday 9th May 2013 in the evening which was very helpfull to us. The sonographer was very nice, profffessional and relaxed. The room was very comfortable and we were able to finally know what gender the baby is, along with excellent advice and extra health checking, as she discovered I am carrying extra fluid which she assured me is fine but to mention to my midwife. The Photos and the DVD and the CD of the pictures were all excellent as well. I would definately reccommend this colchester studio.

We would also like to give a special mention to the lovely receptionist who helped us to sort out our CD photos because otherwise without her we would have came away without them. Thankyou so much.

26/04/2013 rachel

had my 4d scan today was an amazing experiance, this is the 2nd clinic ive been to and it was a far better experiance. lovely staff, pictures were fantasic. would definatly recommend 

19/04/2013 Dale

Had a great appointment for 4D basic scan at the Oxford clinic, Kathy clearly knows her stuff and was very friendly, positive and reassuring, and worked hard to make sure she got the best images possible for us. Thanks. 

13/04/2013 Hollie and Dan Bruin

We would like to thank the baby scan studio at Colchester for the amazing 4D scan experience we had on Thursday. We had been there before for an early gender scan so we knew we'd be in good hands. Our little girl was so well behaved and we managed to get approx 85 individual pics of her. The quality of the scan was so good and we were given so much information about our little one. So just wanna say thanks again and would recommend anyone to have this wonderful experience. 

28/03/2013 Samantha Williams and Alan Busson

I just want to say a massive thank you to the staff at the baby scan studio. I had my 4d scan in Colchester and it was honestly the most amazing experience ever! The staff were so lovely and made us all feel very welcome. It was definitely worth the money we paid. I am so happy with the dvd and pictures we got of our little boy, it certainly was something I'm never going to forget. Thank you again, I couldn't be happier! Xxx 

21/03/2013 Lorraine

We would like to say a huge thank you to the team at Colchester's clinic !! My self and my husband had our gender scan yesterday , it was such an amazing experience. The two ladies working ( apologies for no names ) were wonderful, so welcoming and made us feel right at home. We were able to have a really great indepth look at our son and the sonographer explained every little thing to us. Real time and care was put into trying to get some amazing views and pictures. My parents also came along to the appointment and were with us the whole time which really added to the experience. The facilities are great and it was a lovely big room so four adults were perfectly comfortable. I would reccomend the Colchester studio to anyone that would like reassurance or just another glimpse of their little one,I have already passed on a leaflet to a colleague. We also purchased the heartbeat teddy and love it. Everyone is amazed by it and its a great keepsake . Once again thank you, we will be back with any future pregnancies

16/03/2013 Stacey Farrington

I want to say a massive thank-you, a very efficient proffesional staff, i had an early scan as i have a history of missed miscarriages and usually am eligible for an early scan yet since moving doctors i was not under the same gp therefore classified me as low risk, my anxiety of having another miscarriage was so nerve racing that i was having bad dreams about it too, so after much humming and harring as thinking cor £95 is alot when its so early before the 12 week mark but decided to go for it anyway, i know my scan is on the 8th April, so a matter of afew weeks however i am so chuffed and it was so worth the money i would pay for it again in a heart beat, i got told what ovary the egg came from i was told i was roughly 9 weeks and 4 days, my estimated due date and i got quite afew pics and a dvd of the little bean, showing the flickering of the heartbeat i have watched it numerous of times and i am so happy, this was not a planned pregnancy but seeing it this early on and having these pics and dvd has made me excited of having another, so a massive thank-you to the baby scan studio, i would recommend you to anyone and if my experiance was this good at 9 weeks i can only imagine the smiles of peoples faces you give every day, thank-you so much very resonable prices when you get so much for your money, thank-you, thank-you thank-you :D xxxxx

04/03/2013 Louise and Reece

Absolutely AMAZING!!! Highly recommend! Professional Staff and enviroment, everything was explained and in such a comforting manner. We have had 4 appointments at the Marlow Clinic with our 2 pregnancies, and we wouldn't go anywhere else!! LOVE LOVE LOVE 

28/02/2013 Jo

I was desperate to know the sex of my baby and was very disappointed with a less than confident guess at my 20 week scan. I had a 2d gender scan at 24 weeks with The Baby Scan Studio. The appointment was conveniently in the evening and the sonographer explained everything in such great detail, she was very experienced and showed us everything I'd hoped to understand and see with a bonus peek of some beautiful 4d images and lots of snapshots to take home. I highly recommend the service, Thank You Very much Baby Scan Studio and sonograoher Thea.

25/02/2013 Danielle

I recently had a 4d scan at 29weeks at the Chelmsford clinic, it was an amazing experience.  The staff and sonographer were lovely and very friendly.  The sonographer explained the scan in great detail showing us everything.  Baby wasn't co-operating so I was advised to have a fizzy drink and take a walk, when I returned we got some lovely photos and footage on DVD.  After I posted my pictures on facebook I had lots of people asking for details of the scan.  I highly recommend the 4d scan at the Baby Scan Studio.

21/02/2013 Daniela & Grant

We had our Nuchal Translucency scan with Cathy at the Marlow branch. My Mum also came along, and I have to say it's a totally different experience to any other places we've been (including other private clinics). Cathy was really thorough with the checks and explained everything to us in detail. When one of my hormone levels come back from the lab as low, Cathy called me to discuss it further, and gave me advice on what to do next. Since then Cathy has been in touch to see how I am, and has offered as much advice as possible. The whole experience has been really reassuring for us, and I would highly recommend The Baby Scan studio to anyone- They really go above and beyond.

11/02/2013 Bethany

Had my 3D scan when I was 24 weeks pregnant, the staff were so lovely. Was an amazing experience. Would highly recommend.

30/01/2013 Tanya and Chris

We had our 4D bonding baby scan on 26/01/2013 at the Chelmsford studio. The staff and sonographer made us feel very welcome  and everything was explained to us in great detail. This package was bought as a present for us and I highly recommend having this as it was completely magical and allowed us to bond with our precious bubba. You get a lovely DVD and lots of pictures to take home so really worth having....

Thank you :-)

19/01/2013 Chloe

We had an early pregnancy scan today at the Marlow clinic (7 weeks, 5 days), Cathy was brilliant and so understanding to our concerns. Our minds were put at rest when we saw and heard our bubbas heartbeat and everything was explained in great detail. We will definitely be visting again soon for another scan.

17/01/2013 Jade

I had my scan yesterday 16/1/13 and it was fantastic. Despite the clinic running late the staff were still very professional and took their time with us. I was surprised baby was playing ball but it was lovely to see as we didn't have this opportunity with our first. 

I would highly recommend the babyscan studio to anyone who is looking to have 4D scans it is well worth the money and the wait. 

Thank you for making us feel so welcome and taking your time so we could connect with our boy. 

23/12/2012 Taran

We had our scan at the marlow Center on 21st December and must say it was an amazing experience . The sonographer was lovely and made us feel warm and our baby so special...My hubby felt great after the scan as he admitted seeing the baby in 3d made him feel connected to our baby boy even more. We got our pics soon after and left giggling and talking bout the antics our little one showed us... If u planning to book, dnt think and go ahead. It b money well spent!!!

19/12/2012 Michelle

i had my gender scan today at the oxford clinic and the room was just lovely the lady who done our scan was so nice and caring she took her time to show us all of our baby and make sure she was okay, it was pretty clear that i am havin another girl :) im very happy, i am definately glad i went there and i would reccomend to everyone to take a look sometimes you get some offers too.. im thinking of having another one when im 20+ just to see her all again. it was truely amazing very please thank you

19/12/2012 Michelle

I am going for a gender scan today in the oxford clinic, feeling very excited after reading all these lovely comments never had one before and this is my third baby! :)

10/11/2012 Joann

We had our 4D Scan today in Colchester the experience and DVD was great. Very interesting and informative. Thank you, will recommend 

30/10/2012 Nicola

I had a scan in Chelmsford at 9 weeks and again at 12 weeks. Will go for another at 17 weeks to find out the sex. You get a lovely DVD and pics and it is a lovely relaxing place to have your scan. People are lovely and they explain everything to you. I would def recommend a scan here. I did have a scan at 12 weeks at the hospital but you couldn't see much and only lasted 5 mins. If you want questions answered and a brill DVD of your baby to keep forever then I would say 'go for it' it is well worth every penny 

23/10/2012 Celine and James

We booked a reassurance scan at the Colchester clinic after feeling very disappointed by the 20 week scan at the hospital. Although we were relieved everything was ok we felt upset that we didn't have much time to see our baby or bond with them, so we decided to pay for another scan.It was completely different at the baby scan studio, Cathy spent time explaining everything to us and showing us our baby, even though baby was a bit camera shy! It was a really lovely experience and we're so glad we decided to pay for another scan, thank you!

28/09/2012 Hayley

We came to have an early scan for piece of mind so we could relax and enjoy! I was 7 weeks pregnant to the time and seeing everything on the screen was totally amazing.We also found out that we're expecting twins so was given an added bonus.The 2 ladies there were so lovely and made us feel very comfortable as we were both quite scared.Seeing the heartbeats of our babies was truely the most amazing moment of my life! Thank you so much for making it so memorable for us.  xxxx

12/09/2012 Jessica

I had the 3D gold bonding package at the Marlow Clinic. I took my partner, sister, mum, dad and my partners mum. I was truly over whelmed by the service we recieved from Thea, she talked us through everything and made all the family feel comfortable. It was lovely to see how much Thea enjoyed her job, she was so complimentary to our baby. After getting about 68 photos we were able to choose our favourites (this was very hard) whilst Thea printed everything off and did the finishing touches we went to get a coffee upstairs. The clinic was lovely and I would 100% do this again.

Many Thanks


19/07/2012 Carmen & Alex

We had a growth scan today at Marlow due to being let down by our hospital yesterday. We were offered the appointment at such short notice, and the whole experience was fantastic. The scan was detailed and thoroughly explained to us by the sonographer the whole way through. Our minds have now been put to rest regarding our small measurements with the midwife and we will be meeting our bundle within the next 5 weeks. Definitely worth it!

02/07/2012 02.07.2012

I found out I was pregnant super early and not being the most patient of people I didn't want to have to wait 8 weeks to make sure all was ok with bubba so decided to book an Early Scan at Colchester. I was 6 weeks and 1 day so I had the trans vaginal scan as it's easier to see everthing and was so overjoyed to see the heart beating and know all was ok. It was the reassurance my partner and I needed. The surroundings and atmosphere are very calming and the sonographer, Catherine made us feel really welcome. I would most definitely recommend The Baby Scan Studio and would like to say a huge Thank You for the service you provide and putting our minds at rest :-)

25/06/2012 Shauna

I had the 3d bonding scan at 27 weeks and 5days in Colchester and it was a wonderful experience.

I even saw my little one nibbling on its toes it was very very cute and made everything so much more real for me

I could have one of these scans every week with this company if I could afford it.

They spend so much time looking after you and are so lovely and helpful

Thank you very much

15/06/2012 Danielle And Baby Faulkner

having my first baby, im 27 weeks and was recomended this studio in marlow. went there and had the bonding £145 package. we met cathy who was so lovely, i have a low placenta so my baby was head down but cuddling up to the placenta, we took a few good shots but not many that was really good so i tried walking a little bit and mving and thought i would have to rearange my appointment, cathy was so polite and patient during this time my baby did move in the end and we was able to catch some beautiful photos, my parents was with me and cathy made us feel so relaxed an talked through everything i would recomend this studio to anyone. i am so pleased i had this done, and is very gratfull to cathy! thank you so much xxx

Al our love Danielle And Baby Faulkner

10/06/2012 Lisa Mayo 9th June2012

Yesterday I went to the baby scan studio in colchester to have an early pregnancy scan.  The purpose of the early scan with just to see if I was carrying multiples (last pregnancy I had twins !!), how far on I was (9 wks 1 day), and truely believe that I was having a baby lol.  Fantastic service, I received 6 pics (2d) and a 3 minutes dvd so I could show my children what was going on in mummys tummy and reassurance that everything looked fine.  Highly recommended for those wanting peace of mind.  Thanks to Catherine, hope to see her again for a 4d scan later on in pregnancy x

10/05/2012 Kate & Steve

My husband and I had a basic baby scan done at the Marlow studio. I am 29.5 weeks pregnant, it was amazing and I thoroughly recommend the experience to anyone considering a 4D scan. I have an an anterior placenta so thought it may be difficult to capture the baby's face but Jo was very patient and helpful and ensured we did get that picture. We went for the basic bonding package and ended up with about 30 amazing images of our baby. The Sonographer Jo in Marlow was brilliant and very reassuring. It was also great to have another growth measurement so you can see how your baby is developing. The whole experience is totally amazing and worth every penny of what is a very reasonable price! Thanks so much. Kind regards, Kate & Steve

11/04/2012 Ally and Dave Jordan

06/03/2012 John and Evie

We had a 29-week scan (bonding package) at the Baby Scan Studio in Marlow. My husband and I were very pleased with the whole experience, that exceeded our expectations by far. The sonographer was amazing and took time to go through everything with us. Seeing our baby was incredible but getting the re-assurance that everything was well, was priceless. We cannot recommend it enough.

If you are looking to book a 4D scan and are considering the Baby Scan Studio in Marlow, look no further and book it and you will be blown away.

06/03/2012 Chrissie & Matt Allen

We visited the Marlow studio on 03/03 with our parents to see our beautiful boy at 27 weeks and  opted for the £145 4D Bonding package, and can honestly say that it was worth every penny! 

After the scare we had 2 weeks ago when junior made an early bid for freedom it was so reassuring to see the progression in his weight and measurements and that he is clearly thriving, and also having lost a chunk of my placenta we were also shown that there was perfect blood flow and it was still functioning as it should. I can't tell you the relief this gave me and apart from the tears shed when we saw our boys face I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day!

The lady who did the scan (so sorry we didn't get your name) was lovely and the whole experience was relaxed and unrushed and everything was explained. We were all amazed at what we could see and even though our boy was quite snugly with his legs and feet in front of his face we got some amazing views and pictures and the DVD has been well watched already!

Thank you so much, we wouldn't hesitate to return and recommend the Baby Scan Centre to all.

Chrissie & Matt Allen x

04/03/2012 Amanda and Andy

After doing a positive pregnancy test which came as a bit of a shock we wanted a scan to date our pregnancy. The baby scan studio was able to offer us an immediate appointment which was very handy. The Colchester studio was very easy to find and the service we received was excellent. We had our one year old daughter with us to which wasn't a problem. Despite going in for an early scan we were shocked that baby number 2 was already 22 weeks old! But a thorough scan proved everything normal which was a huge relief! We now await our NHS appointment with a lot more knowledge! 

02/03/2012 Nicola Mason 2nd March 2012

I had my 3rd scan at the baby scan studio in Colchester last night, at 27 weeks we opted for a 4D scan and it was amazing.  We've had the same sonographer every time and she's given us a great service.  My baby was hiding last night but she perservered and managed to get some fantastic shots of  his lovely face for us.  They offer a wonderful service, are extremely flexible on times and it's very good value for money.  I would highly recommend them.

01/01/2012 Karen and Dan

Had a 4d scan yesterday, at 25 weeks and 4 days. It was an amazing end to 2011. Kay was lovely and we have some great pictures of our baby. Thank you so much and Happy New Year.

18/12/2011 Paul & Rebecca

**Highly Recommended ** We would like to say a big thank you to Cathy and Kay at the Chelmsford Clinic. We have been to the clinic 4 times, had 2 Early pregnancy scans (9 & 12 weeks) , 1 Reassurance scan (17weeks) and on Saturday we had the basic 4D Scan (29 Weeks). Every time we have been to them we have had a wonderful, warm, friendly and professional service. I would recommend them to anyone who wants any kind of reassurance during their pregnancy and also for those who just want a glimpse at or to bond with their baby. I have been recommending them to friends and family and will 100% be returning should we be fortunate to have another baby in the future. . Thank you Ladies for such a wonderful experience xx

17/12/2011 Fran

I treated my daughter to a 4D scan last week (12th December) at the Marlow clinic- I can honestly say that I have never spent a better £95!! We had an incredible half hour watching her baby son frowning, yawning and moving gently in his secret world, completely oblivious to the fact that his mother, aunt and grandmother were all watching and had all immediately fallen in love with him. We have an album of wonderful photos to cherish, and we can't wait to meet him in February. If you are wondering whether to have a 4D scan I would urge you to book now - it's completely magical, and worth every penny. 

14/12/2011 zoe and dal

we had our scan at the chelmsford clinic and what a fab expericance, we booked the gender scan at 18 weeks and found out we are having a little girl :) was amazing to see her on a full screen instead of a tiny one where u can just make out whats what we also had a sneak preview in 4d but our il princess decided to keep putting her hands over her face, we will 100% be booking another one around the 30 week mark :) x

03/12/2011 Carly & Will

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Kay at The Baby Scan Studio in Chelmsford! We had an amazing experience this morning with our 4D Baby Basic package. Our baby was a little awkward but Kay was so patient and still managed to get some very cute shots. Would recommend to anyone :)

08/11/2011 Nicola & Danny

We had our 4D scan with Kay yesterday @ chelmsford branch. This is the 2nd scan that we have had with Kay and she is such a nice lady who accomodates in whatever way she can. We took along friends and family and they were all welcome which is really nice. It took a while to get the baby to position right but kay persevered and we got some lovely photos in the end. Nothing is too much trouble and with this being our 1st it has really allowed us to bond with bubba : )

27/10/2011 Clare and David

We had our 4D scan on Saturday 22nd October at Chelmsford.  Although baby had hands and feet over face for the start eventually we managed to get some really good images of our little one.  It was a fantastic experience and would not hesitate in recommending The Baby Scan Studio.

Thank you so much!

22/10/2011 claire & brendan taylor

We attempted our 4d scan on the 8th October but as i have 3 big fibroids it was really difficult to get any pics at all. The ladies at Chelmsford were so patient and we all tried everything to get some decent pics but to no avail. I was booked in again for 10 days time to see if bubs was in a different position and hey presto it worked. It was still a bit difficult but we got some amazng pics of our baby and it was a great experience. All I can say is we were made to feel ralxed and welcome and the ladies were so patient. We would definately do this again if we go for no.2. It was fab to get a sneaky preview of how our baby will look and cant wait to meet him/her.

Thanks again x

06/10/2011 Emily & Lee

We had our 4D scan with Cathy yesterday and have to say that we were amazed at the great pictures. Not only could we see everything, we had the the 100% gender confirmation which we really wanted as we were told it would be a girl by the NHS, although they would not garuntee. Cathy was brilliant, really calm and did not rush us at all. We had a longer appointment than we thought we had booked for which was fantastic as it meant we got to see our baby girl for longer.

I would really recommend everyone to do this scan, it was the most amazing experience we have had with our baby. I cant say enough great things about Cathy, she was brilliant. We will really cherish these pictures. Everyone has commented on how great they are too!

This really is money well spent and we would not hesitate to return to Cathy for any future scanning....we are absolutley thrilled with the results.

Thank you!!!!

30/09/2011 Vicky & Adam

We would just like to say a massive thank you to Cathy who done our NTscan on the 1st of sept ( a little late but the websire wouldn't work for us :s) it was the best scan I've ever had and was lovely to see our baby on the big telly moving around, Cathy was great explaining everything on the baby i.e Organs ect.

We have our next scan with Cathy on the 20th of Oct when we find out the sex of our baby and i'll be half way through 'yay' :) were very excited and can't wait for the whole experience again, and for our son to come in the room with us and see the baby for the first time to. 

We would defiantly recommend it.

Thanks again!!! x x

26/09/2011 Jess, Mark and Great Nan and Nan

Thank you so much for our wonderful pictures and exciting view of our little baby boy, i would like to say that Claire who was training on the day of our scan gave us some really detialed and lovely pictures of our baby even though he kept putting his hands in the way!!

It truely was the best expierence we have had and i would have 4D scan again.

Thanks again !!

(4D basic scan on 24 Sept in Chelmsford)

18/09/2011 Deepali & Jaydeep Shah

"Thank you so much for helping our upcoming baby to meet with us via 4D and 3D scan as a medium, We litterally enjoyed and seen our cute baby in very easy and clear way with much guidence provided by the staff, Its an outstanding technology, one has to experience the same:)))))))"

06/09/2011 Karen and Richard

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience we had with you on 27 August in Marlow.  We were made to feel very welcome and enjoyed seeing our baby girl in 4D at 23 weeks.  We had the Basic 4D package and will certainly think about coming back again before the due date for another look!

We will certainly be recommending you to our friends and family.

06/09/2011 Martin And Jenny

We had our 4D Bonding scan at the CHELMSFORD office. Was one of the most amazing experience. Cathy was very adament on getting the best shot and in fact she got 59! Was amazing to see what my little boy will look like even though he was playing games and not putting his hands away from his face!

We thank you for this experience and making it so special.

Will definetely recommend you to other people.

Thanks again!

Very happy mum and dad to be!

03/09/2011 Steven & Karen

Just wanted to say what a great service.  We really enjoyed the experience.


01/09/2011 Emma

Thanks for you help today, glad to see bump was going ok.. 6 weeks today!

i will defo come back in the future

24/08/2011 Andrea and James Hanks

We had the baby basic 4D package and could not be happier. Despite our little one being particularly awkward for the 4d pictures, the sonographer was very patient with us and didn't hesitate to offer us a rescan when we couldnt get the pictures we wanted. At the rescan, despite baby still being awkward, a lot of time was spent on us getting the pictures. Finally, we have the most clear and amazing pictures of out beautiful boy and we couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for the time and patience you spent on us. We will not hesitate to recommend you to all our friends.

23/08/2011 Claire and Craig

We had a reasurrance scan at 10 weeks as we had a missed miscarriage with a previous baby and wanted to find out if everything was fine before going home to the family for Christmas and letting them know.  Our experience was amazing, we were made to feel at welcome and put at ease. We saw the heartbeat for the very first time, the sonographer was great and spent plenty of time getting us some beautiful pics, the best Christmas pressie anyone could ask for.  Now we have a healthy baby boy!

Thank you so much, we both really recommend the service to anyone!

24/07/2011 Donna and Martin

We had a 4d basic package done at the marlow clinic at 27 weeks. It was on our 6th wedding anniversary and it was the most amazing way to celebrate the occasion. We got to see our gorgeous lil princess up close and she performed very nicely for myself and my husband. We would recommend having this done to all parents to is worth every penny and so much more..and the photos are priceless. This is our second child and i wished i had it done with my first as it is a wonderful experience.

We would like to thank Cathy for the relaxed and not rushed atmosphere..and the most perfect photos of our lil princess..that will cherish and keep cooing over until she arrives x

04/07/2011 Hannah and Daniel

Just wanted to say how pleased we were with the basic 4d scan that we had done at the weekend! I would defintly recommend it to anyone! We didnt want to know the sex so Jo the sonographer was very careful not to show us bits we didnt want to see! We are so pleased with the pictures we took away with us and must say it makes everything feel very real!!

25/06/2011 Karen and Darren Wheat

We had the 4d Baby Basic scan today and were amazed by the results of the scan! Baby Wheat not only put on a little show for us but we were able to see that we are having a little boy!

The reception was welcoming and the staff were all very friendly, this combined with the excellent facilities made the scan a wonderful experience that we would recommend to anyone!

Thank you so much,

Karen and Darren (and both Nanas!)

25/06/2011 Jo,Bart Macioszek

We had gender scan on the 18th of June 2011.It was amazing experience.We thought it's a boy but we actually met our gorgeous baby girl!!!Staff was really nice and experienced and atmosphere was really friendly.We would deffinately recomend the studio to all my friends!!!Thank you very much for everything:))

10/06/2011 A. Sargeant & P Hopkins

We just had a reassurance scan, combining both regular ultrasound and 4D at 22weeks at the colchester clinic. we have 3 boys, youngest son a muscle condition and i was keen to closley monitor this pregnancy. V was not only very professional, but also caring and understanding.

As we arrived, we recieved a warm friendly reception, the waiting area and scan room were both comfortable and relaxed. The whole experience was explained in detail, and all our concerns/ questions were answered.

The scan itself totally amazed us both, especialy the 4D, we were pleased to be told we're having a little girl and could clearly see she has her dad's nose and lips.

Best of all we have a DVD to show our boys their new baby sister, who they now cant wait to meet.

We would totally recomend this clinic to anyone, the experience was amazing and the service exeptional.

06/06/2011 Catherine Anley

We had an early scan at 8 wks 4 days as I was still in shock that I was pregnant! My husband and I both felt nervous, but Veronica was wonderful and our baby showed up pn the big screen as soon as she put the probe on my tummy. Seeing the baby's heartbeat and arms waving around was truely magical!  

Being able to date the pregnancy correctly meant that I could change the date of my nucal scan accordingly.

I am planning to come back at about 17 weeks, as I just want to see the baby again in the gap between the 12 and 20 week scan on the nhs. Having the pictures and DVD meant we could share the moment with family members which was wonderful!

18/03/2011 m . farrington &n shave

we went for a 4d baby scan today in the hope that we wuld be told it was a girl .

unfortunatly its a boy ,but rather than dissapointment we were happy because after we were told the sex we got to meet him and see his little bum chin and button nose . hes gorgeous and we cant wait to meet him !

its no rush job either ,they go through everything in such great detail and explain step by step what there looking at ..

would reccomend anyone to go to this clinic for a wonderfull experience ..

04/03/2011 L. Wilcockson & bump!

Just got back from an amazing 4D scan experience at the Colchester studio.  Cathy made my Mum, partner and I feel very welcome.  Cathy spent a good while explaining what she could see in amazing detail and we didnt feel rushed.  Luckily, my son was on form and posed throughout the whole things so we got some amazing pictures of him and Cathy gave us all the time we needed to choose the ones we wanted for our colour prints.

I am definately going to recommend Cathy to friends who are expecting.  Money well spent on a once in a lifetime amazing experience!

27/02/2011 Mr and Mrs James

We visited the Marlow Centre for our early reassurance scan at just 6 weeks. I have to say the experience was fantastic. We didnt feel rushed at all and everything in the scan picture was explained to us in full detail. It was totally amazing. We would certainly use this service again and would highly recommend them to anyone. Very professional and friendly people. Thank you.

24/02/2011 Mr and Mrs Belcher

Would recommend to people, very personal service, professional and thorough, great pictures and lots of ! Cathy makes youfeel very welcome and gives a warm and friendly service.

31/01/2011 Mr and Mrs P, Walter's Ash

We visited the clinic recently for an early scan (at 8 weeks) to seek reassurance following some bleeding and abdominal cramps.  Cathy was extremely sensitive and professional and and took great care to explain, in plain speak, what she could see on the scan and what that meant in terms of the health of our tiny embryo.  We were delighted with the service we received and would thoroughly recommend Cathy and the Scan Studio to those who find themselves in similar circumstances. 

18/01/2011 Maria Tubb

I had seen some 4d pictures before but was not expecting it to be so clear. The pictures and DVD are amazing and Cathy made it a truely wonderful experience talking us through it. I was nervous before I went and Cathy made me feel at ease and was very patient when baby was in the wrong position!

I would definatly recommend to friends!

Thanks again


12/12/2010 kayleigh & dean latouche

thank you so much cathy had a great 4d scan with you, even thou are little man wanted to sleep you carred on till you got the right pics, with no rush i have recommended you to everyone i know, you went through every detail made sure baby was ok and then got loads of baby pics, you were also great with my 5 yr old who was in shock that was her lil brother lol. but thank you so much i will deffently be back with any future babies.

03/12/2010 Aga & Toby Bailey -High Wycombe

Highly recommended!

We visited Baby Scan Studio to confirm the gender/ position of the baby.

Cathy was truly amazing - patient, experienced and full of expertise.

She made me feel relaxed and was happy to answer any questions.

Thank you Cathy for such a great experience!

03/11/2010 Carly Dean

I have to say Cathy is absolutley wonderful! I cannot fault her service. Each time I visited her she never failed to put my mind at rest. She spent at least 30 minutes scanning me and describing everything we saw on screen in immense detail. Not only that she is warm, friendly and genuinly cares about you and your baby. I will most definitley ve revisiting in a few weeks time when my baby is big enough for a 3d scan!

Thank you Cathy, you truly are wonderful at what you do!

20/10/2010 Natasha

My Mum died of Ovarian Cancer 5 years ago so I went to see my GP to see about being tested. My GP said I was too young to be checked and that I needed to be in my forties.Fortunately I spoke to Cathy and she fitted me in straight away for a scan.

I was amazed at the speed of the appointment and how clearly Cathy explained everything to me in detail. I could see the scan on the screen and it all made sense. Cathy saw a small cyst on one Ovary and she explained that it was a normal cyst - to do with my cycle. She advised a follow-up scan in 2-3 months to check, which I had and it was gone as she had predicted!

I feel very reassured and would recommend CS Partners to anyone.

07/10/2010 Sarah

I have had a coil for two years with no problems. Then things started to feel different and wrong. My GP said it could be an ovarian cyst, ectopic pregnancy or a deep seated infection. A scan was mentioned at my GP appointment but not arranged. As I was worried I contacted Cathy to have a gynaecological scan to check my coil position, ovaries and uterus. The scan was very reassuring. I was quite worried about having it done, but there was nothing to worry about! Cathy put me at my ease. She explained what we could see on the screen and it was really interesting! It has given me a peace of mind which my GP hadn't! I really appreciated the reassurance!

Many thanks,


24/09/2010 Samantha Falconer

Being able to make a next day appointment with Cathy saved 6 weeks worth of worrying whilst waiting for an NHS appointment. 

Cathy's wealth of experience is very hugely reasurring and as well as giving proper medical terms for what she saw Cathy also explained what that meant in everyday language so that I could understand it. 

The scan is carried out with care and dignity and the report was invaluable, giving me information with which I can make informed choices.  

Many thanks Cathy, I have recommended you to everyone I know.

19/09/2010 Karen Smith

I visited Cathy at the Baby Scan Studio in August after my Breast Cancer Consultant told me that my cancer may have spread to my ovaries.  This was an incredibly worrying time for me and I did not want to have to wait weeks for a hospital appointment. Thankfully, Cathy booked me into her clinic within a day of my call and was very pleasant and informative over the phone.

Cathy was great...incredibly warm and extremely knowledgeable.  My ovaries proved a little difficult to find but she took her time and checked them thoroughly. I'm very pleased to report that they were both clear !

Thank you so much for providing such a professional and caring service, Cathy, I cannot recommend you high enough.

13/09/2010 Lynsey And Sam

We had a 4D Gold Bonding Scan Package that was originally booked in the Denham clinic, but we couldn't wait so we arranged to go to Marlow at an earlier date. The scan, was absolutely incredible! Cathy explained everything before we saw our baby, and during the scan, all of our babies body parts were shown and explained to us in detail. We already knew the gender of our child and Cathy told us not to tell her so she could see if the 'bits' matched up, and, sure enough, we got it confirmed that he is definitely a little boy! We would recommend this scan experience to anyone and everyone. It was unreal. We feel like we have bonded with our son on a deeper level and have some absolutely amazing pictures and memories from the day that we were in there. Also, It was so lovely to feel like we were the only couple in the world. There was no rush, no hurrying. Time was taken with every part of our scan. Even down to choosing our pictures, to be framed.

We could go on talking about our scan, forever, because it was perfect. There are no other words for it. A huge thank you to Cathy for making our experience even more special than what it already was. We will definitely be coming back in the future, and recommending to friends and family. Thank you, once again.

All our love, Lyns, Sam & Our precious little bump, Lyam x X x 

22/08/2010 Mr and Mrs P

Decided to have a gender scan at the new Colchester studio last week and we're really pleased we did!  Gill was our sonographer and she was absolutely lovely - it was such a wonderful experience spending quality time looking at our baby and she really explained everything that we wanted to know very clearly.  It's also really helped to make things a lot more realistic and helped us to bond with our little one.  The best bit is that we haven't told anyone else - it's our little secret!  Thank you so much, a really fantastic, personal service x x x

30/07/2010 Stacey & Chris, Aylesbury

WOW !!  we are SO happy we decided to have the bonding scan package at 26 weeks, we got everything and more out of this appointment. Cathy's heart is really in her job and you can really feel her excitement and enjoyment throughout the scan.

The bonding package really is what it says on the tin, it really does bring you so much closer to your unborn child and makes the whole situation reality!

Worth every penny and i would recommend this to anyone !

Cathy thankyou for making this all the more special for us.

Stacey, Chris and Baby Girl McCord

15/07/2010 Marian and George, Reading

We decided to pay for a private scan as the 20 week scan we had through NHS did not reveal with great certainty whether we were having a girl or a boy due to the baby's position. As I had lost my mother few months ago, I was really hoping for a little girl and could not wait until birth to find out.

Cathy was lovely, friendly and very supportive. We enjoyed looking our cute little baby at the screen and we were extremely happy when Cathy confirmed we will have a little girl. Cathy produced a number of images for us which we took back home (Greece) and shared with our families. They are so far away that this was the only opportunity for them to have a first glance of our cute little baby girl.

Thanks once again to Cathy for the lovely images and for making this experience enjoyable for us.

Kindest regards,

Marian+Giorgos+cute little bump

07/07/2010 L Steele-Bevan & P Constable

We decided to have a 4D scan package and traveled for an hour to get the the Marlow clinic. It was worth it! To see our little boy on the screen was one of the most emotional experiences of our lives and we cant stop looking at the pictures. We can not recommend enough having a 4D scan as this is not only amazing but has helped in the bonding process. The Marlow clinic was great - professional and caring.

18/06/2010 Sherri & Justin H

Hi Cathy,

We just wanted to express our extreme gratitude for your patience and perseverance - we cannot tell you how pleased we were with our scan experience(s) and the kind, thorough and caring manner with which you dealt with us.

Seeing our beautiful little girl in 3D/4D format truly was a gift - despite her being rather uncooperative to begin with :o) - and an experience we will cherish always.

I know this sounds 'gushy' but I think credit where it is due and it is not very often these days that you come across the level of service that makes you want to shout about it. We are so pleased that we chose to come to you, the service was not only exceptional, but extremely good value. You do an amazing job and are clearly very well suited to what you do.

Thank you so much

Sherri, Justin & Little E Hind

12/05/2010 Mrs H Clark, Maidenhead

We decided to look at the possibility of paying to have a private scan at 15 weeks, because I have suffered a "missed miscarriage" previously, and although I was given early scans via the NHS, once I reached 12 weeks I was dis-charged and my next scan would be at 20 weeks. For me I felt this is a long time to wait and really needed reassurance, at a time in pregnancy when the sickness has faded, and you still can't feel baby moving.

We initially chose the Baby Scan Studio, as when I called for advise and information Cathy was very kind and very helpful. I had called other places offering such a service, and felt they did not care about my situation, and as my request did not sit within one of their pre-set packages they seemed unwilling to help.

The scan itself was worth every penny, it was very relaxed and informal. Cathy took time to explain every little detail, and we came away with a medical report, lovely pictures and a DVD of the monent too, but more importantly peace of mind.

We also took our son along to meet his brother or sister too, and unlike the NHS scans we had time to sit and look and he could ask questions in his own time. 

My husband and I would recommend The Baby Scan Studio to anyone... I am now looking at the other packages so I can come back for another peek!

28/04/2010 Hayley - Hillingdon

Cathy has been an absolute pleasure to deal with.

I had a 20 week scan and the time taken, coupled with Cathy's knowledge, led to a much more informative, reassuring and bonding experience with my baby girl.

I thoroughly recommend this experience.

16/04/2010 Danielle & Chris White

I went for my Last Scan yesterday and it was excellent. i have some lovely photos.

thank you so much, i cant wait untill she is born to see if she is as stubborn as she has been. will send you some pictures.

Danielle & Chris  xx

13/04/2010 Danielle & Chris White

Cathy is Brilliant, we had a gender scan done with her. and a 4d scan.

our 4d scan is proving a little awkward due to the position of the baby and she likes eating her hands and covering her face. obviously shy!!

Cathy has offered to have a 3rd attempt this Thursday. fingers crossed she will let us see her this time!. 

cathy has been very patient and has let us have 3 attemps. she is very nice and explains all measurement in detail. will be recommending her to everyone i know.

thank you 

27/03/2010 Mr and Mrs Smith Oxfordshire

We attended The Baby Scan Studio in Marlow this morning, and we are so glad we did!

Cathy was lovely and provided us with her wealth of knowledge at what was an anxious time for us. We decided upon an early scan at 8wks due to medical complications.  She made us both feel very comfortable, and explained everything.

This was very reassuring and I would not hesitate to recommend Cathy and The Baby Scan Studio.

Thank you so much Cathy!

26/02/2010 Laura & Mark

We were 26 weeks pregnant when we went to the Baby Scan Studio in Marlow on Wednesday for our 4D scan. We were very impressed! Cathy was lovely and really took her time, even though our little boy wasn't too keen on showing us his face much she managed to get some brilliant pictures which have been admired by all our family and friends. Will definately recommend to others, and will be back when baby number 2 is on the way! Dvd was also a nice touch, wonderful to let friends and family see him moving and will be nice for him to see when he is older.

We had a lovely time, thankyou very much x

04/02/2010 lee and louise

we really felt like seeing our baby in the 4d scan made us all feel closer it was reassuring and a really unique experience caty was so helpful and even though our little madame didnt want to cooperate we were invited back we couldnt of asked for a nicer experience I have already recommended cathy to friends and family and would most definatly go back in the future thank you xx

26/01/2010 Cathy Stewart

Hi Bev thank you for your nice comments. I am so pleased for you both about this pregnancy and I am glad that Pampa Sarkar and I have been able to help.It is difficult sometimes to get the individual attention in the NHS, especially when it is a difficult problem like recurrent early miscarriage. We hope to see you again at the Studio when you are further on in pregnancy. Best Wishes,

25/01/2010 Mr and Mrs Wright of Hereford

We were recommended Cathy by a family member who had some pictures done of their baby.  We used the baby scan studio for other reasons than having pictures of our unborn baby.   For the past three years we sufferd 3 miscarriages around about 6-7 weeks, unfortuantely we felt very let down by the consultant that we saw at our local hospital.  The family member had mentioned to Cathy about my situation and she asked if we had been told about taken progesterone tablets which when approaching any doctors on NHS nobody wanted to know! As soon as we found out that we were pregnant again and knowing that this is my last chance due to my age, we arranged an appointment to see Cathy and her consultant.  The appointment was very informal and P Sarker was lovely and really helpful and gave us encourgement she advised us that i start taking progesterone tablet straight away every night and also a low dosage of asprin.  I am now 16 weeks pregnant!! We also decided to have the nuchal scan at the studio as we felt so at ease and comfortable the appointment last about an hour and we saw some lovely pictures of our baby and we have a dvd to look back on.  Unfortunately my result has come back high risk and Cathy again has been able to give us advice and help us to make our decision.  Even though there is the distance to travel I would not hesitate recommending Cathy to my friends.

Thank you again and we look forward to meeting our new baby in July.


23/01/2010 Lauren Crawford, Uxbridge

I had my scan done at 32 weeks and i can honestly say how pleased i am we went with The baby scan studio. Cathy was friendly, patient and professional. She made sure we go the most out of the whole experience we could and we go some amazing prints of our unborn baby boy!!

Thank you Cathy i'll be recommending you to everyone xxx

18/01/2010 Mr & Mrs Ross

My husband and I had a fantastic experience at the Baby Scan Studio with Cathy. She is so professional and very personable. She made the whole experience something to be remembered.

Our baby was quite camera shy and Cathy had so much patience to ensure we recieved the best experience possible.

I would recomend Cathy to anyone who is thinking about having the scans. She is brilliant.

Mrs Ross.

13/01/2010 Lisa C-T, High Wycombe

I went along for my 4D scan when i was 28 weeks pregnant and i was totally amazed at the whole experience!! I couldn't believe what you could see, and how much, so clearly. My two children can't stop looking at the photos i brought home for them to see and they think the DVD is brilliant-they can't wait for the arrival of their new baby sister!! I will definately be recommending Cathy and The Baby Scan Studios to everyone in the future!!

A big "Thankyou" to Cathy for introducing me to my new baby daughter before she is even born x x

11/01/2010 Gemma & Denis, Twyford

We had a presentation scan done in Marlow when I was 38 weeks. I had been told by my midwife a couple of weeks earlier that our baby may be breech so we wanted the scan to check if this was the case. The good news was that baby was head down and everything was as it should be. We would highly recommend this scan to people for the resassuarance and peace of mind it gives you.

The service we received was both personal and professional and Cathy was determined to get us some good pictures despite our rather camera shy baby!

We would highly recommend The Baby Scan Studio based on our experience.

04/01/2010 Mary McAuley,Marlow

Thank you Cathy for your patience and perserverance enabling some lovely pictures of our baby - although baby didn’t want to play initially-you worked really hard to get some excellent pictures!!  The pictures are incredibly sharp and clear- especially of baby yawning! It was a privilege to see our baby so clearly and it was wonderful for my two year old little girl- makes it so real! 

This is an amazing experience, very emotional and I can’t recommend it highly enough 

Thank you again for a wonderful service and your professionalism and attentiveness

24/11/2009 Charlotte P of High Wycombe

"We had our 4D scan done at 38 weeks, which really gave us a sense of getting  to know our baby and cementing our bond towards him before he arrived. We  had thought we were expecting a boy which Cathy confirmed for us. With her medical background she was able to reassure us that he was in the correct presentation and had grown, and that within the scope of the scan everything seemed normal. It was amazing to see and hear the little heart beating in utero! Although he was very sleepy Cathy managed to gently rouse him and get some footage of him yawning and sucking his thumb. We were also told he had some hair, and we could count 10 little fingers and 10 little toes!

Seeing his face was definitely the most exciting and emotional part. Now that Jacob is born its fun to look at the lovely prints and movie we were
given and see the resemblance! It will always be a treasured memento for us and also for him when he is older.

We will recommend your service to all our friends who have babies in the future, and who knows, we may return ourselves one day. Thank you so much Cathy"