Early Pregnancy scan - free DVD recording

Early Pregnancy scan - free DVD recording

Same-day appointments usually available !   

In early pregnancy there are several reasons for a scan - simple reassurance that the pregnancy 'is really there' , history of twins in the family, bleeding or pain or a previous miscarriage or difficult pregnancy.

We offer early scans for £95 from between 6 to 16 weeks.At the early scan the baby's heart beat and some amazing movements can be seen from as early as 6 weeks. Measurements are taken to confirm dates and a full assessment of the pregnancy is performed. A report is given at the scan and 4 glossy black and white prints.

If you come for an Early pregnancy scan to The Baby Scan Studio we will record the scan (all being well) onto a DVD  - for free. This would be an amazing piece of your child's history to show family members and the child themselves when grown!

Early scan are often available on the same day as booking and last for for 30 minutes.

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