Downs Syndrome test at 10 weeks!

Downs Syndrome test at 10 weeks!

The Baby Scan Studio is very pleased to offer our pregnant  patients in Oxford and Marlow the amazing NEW Harmony blood test which in time will substantially replace the 12 week NT scan.

From 10 weeks it is possible to detect 99 % of babies who have Downs Syndrome. This is done from a simple blood test from mum's arm. The laboratory, in the West coast of USA, can detect the chromosones belonging to your baby and analyse them. The test is mainly aimed at detecting Downs Syndrome but it can also detect Patau's Syndrome(80%) and Edward's Syndrome (98%).

This is a totally new non-invasive test that does not put the pregnancy at risk in any way. If it is compared to a NT (12 week Scan) with blood test test that is offered on the NHS and privately, the figures speak for themselves.

NT Scan with bloods 90% detection rate for Down's syndrome with 5% false positive rate(Normal baby but High risk on test)

NEW Harmony Blood test 99% detection rate for Down's syndrome with 1 % false positive rate.

The Harmony test must be done with an Ultrasound to confirm viability and dates and costs £595. Results are back in 2 weeks. Please see 'About Us Tab' 'Blood Taking services' for more details.